As many of you know by now, a very unsavory character attempted to leverage my status, some sexual pics of me, and my sex-positivity against me in a very public way. (Laughably they kept trying to get me to respond/engage by asking what my (now deceased) Grandmother would think..... In all seriousness, this has only bolstered my resolve to raise awareness for this disease. Through the tireless work of GMHC and other organizations, this disease that had long-been a death sentence is now a treatable condition. I thank each and every person who has helped me, especially GMHC. In conclusion: all the feelings we have toward this despicable internet troll can be put into raising awareness that stigma toward this disease still permeates our culture and our world. I have one more week to raise money and I'm gonna go strong. Help however you can! Start by sharing my fund-raising page on your social media then consider taking a few dollars from your paycheck and chuck them at this amazing cause. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated and thank you for the outpouring of support for the out and proud man I am.