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Candy Samples

Candy Samples

"Though I am only one
I want so much to be done
It's more than talkin' the talk
And better yet, I Walk
I Walk!"

Y'all, it has been a crazy couple of years, and Team CandyWrappers had to be virtual for the past 2 AIDS Walks. But that doesn't stop our commitment to ending AIDS and supporting the HIV/AIDS community.

GMHC was one of the first groups to help those in need, and they're still doing so --- even if having to pivot for another pandemic. They need our help more than ever.

Last year was our team's 10th year, and though we didn't have an official Walk, some team members came out and met me (sans drag) out by Bethezda Fountain in Central Park and we had our own Mini-Walk.

I Walk to support those in need.
I Walk to honor those we've lost.
I Walk so that one day we won't have to.
I Walk to end stigma.
I Walk, will you?

Walk with me either by making a donation, signing up to join us or just passing the word on about what we are doing. HIV/AIDS has touched so many people --- you don't have to be infected to be affected by HIV.

Join us and use YOUR Powers for Good!



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