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Donna Stein

Donna Stein

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I appreciate if you will sponsor me for AidsWalk 2019
(ok, the above is a picture from 2015, the long hair is gone...for now).

AidsWalkNY is very important to me and to so many of you. We’d love for AIDS to be a problem of the past but truth is those afflicted, including family and friends, still need our help.

To my wonderful past sponsors and those who would like to honor loved ones lost, those living with the disease, the wonderful organizations AidsWalk funds or just support my efforts for all the above, your sponsorship is appreciated

Some of you know that I have been a committed volunteer with AidsWalk since this event began. I was there for the first AidsWalkNY 34 years ago. It is daunting to think that some of my younger friends never knew a world without AIDS. I look forward to a world without AIDS being a reality again. Starting as a walker, after the loss of my sweet friend Tedrian Chizik, I volunteered after the event, and ever since. This is my way of honoring and remembering friends and my dear cousin Laurie.

AidsWalkNY is an amazing event and I am so glad to be a small part of it. Picture up to 45000 people walking in a peaceful action to help others. More donations via the internet and virtual walkers have increased participation and lowered the number of walkers but it is still a massive effort and the largest participatory fundraising event in the world. It takes over three thousand volunteers behind the scenes and a dedicated committed staff coordinating everything. BTW - volunteers on the day of the event, May 19th, are welcomed…please call the office 212-.807-9255 to volunteer.

Generic drugs have dramatically extended the life of people with AIDS and we need to protect that. So called free trade programs will make inexpensive generic drugs unavailable and extend patents on expensive exclusive drugs putting them out of range of those who need them. Please contact your elected reps asap to stop NAFTA and other "free trade" attempts whenever they come up. You can go to for more info.

You can make a donation on my page or you can let me know the amount you wish to donate privately. Whatever you can do is appreciated!

The day of the event starts for volunteers around 6:30am in Central Park. On the day of the event I am at the registration area that the tens of thousands walkers come to. It is a fast moving fun, fulfilling & tiring day. One of my favorite things to do for the walk is I drive trucks on the Friday before the event to collect and deliver supplies to the park staging area, then we help return the trucks on Sunday night. (a few days a year I am a truck driver ;)). I can always use a co-pilot so contact me if interested to spend a few hours driving around NYC in a 24 foot truck!

Much thanks to those of you who have supported me in the past and for those who are supporting me for the first time I give my most heartfelt appreciation as well. I'd love this to be the last time I have to ask for donations but not yet. There are important services that this organization does, helping bring food and comfort to people ravaged by the disease and working on much needed legislation.

Please go to my event website and donate online using your credit card.

If you prefer to send a check, let me know the amount you will be sending so I can include you in my tally the day of the event. No amount is too small …nor too large ;) Frequently people come to the sign up tables with envelopes of change they collected and they get as much love from the volunteers as if they raised $10,000! *Email me for my address to mail checks to be made out to AWNY.

AWNY also gives some of the funds raised to help other support organizations
All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.

Thank You.
Donna Stein

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested in giving support either by donation and/or volunteering time.
We can always use volunteers, especially on the day of the event May 19th. For volunteer registration call 212-807-9255 or online

If you know of a school or organization that might like to volunteer or walk as a group send an email to the AidsWalkNY office.


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You are amazing! Thank you for doing this for all of these years!
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In memory of all who died of AIDS.
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So proud of you, Donna! In honor of your loved ones and my dear friend Robbie.
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