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Ethical Friend! Welcome to Young Ethical Explorers's Page

Young Ethical Explorers

Young Ethical Explorers

Thank you for visiting Ethical Culture's fundraising page.
Young Ethical Explorers invite you to support of AIDS WALK NYC, through a donation you can afford. You may join the team and reach out to your own spheres of influence as well. YEE extend gratitude for your participation.

YEE has a tradition of participating in AIDS Walk New York and we do so, as explorers of ethics. You may join us, masked and in person or on zoom, if you wish to. We will honor all donors at ETHICAL.NYC's FIRST SUNDAY EVENT on JUNE 6th at 1:30. Visit our website for updates and details www.nysec.org or feel free to reach out to YoungETHICALexplorers@gmail.com.

Young Ethical Explorers
Lead by Audrey Kindred of Ethical.NYC


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1. Joseph Fashing
Great Work!!!
2. Ed Beck
3. Ellen McBride
Great job!
4. Ana Sandoval
Young Ethical Explorers Rock!!!
5. Howard Rose
6. Amy Schwarz
Thank you, Aids Walkers! Amy

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