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Gift For Life/DIFFA/NY NOW - 3894

Gift for Life/DIFFA/NY NOW - 3894

The Gift for Life/DIFFA/NY NOW team is stepping out together in 2020 with an expanded group of partners to support AIDS Walk New York and raise funds in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Postponed twice due to the COVID-19 crisis and the protests against violence and racial injustice, AIDS Walk New York has a NEW DATE -- July 19 -- and a NEW COLLABORATION -- AIDS Walk San Francisco.

“From the Bronx to the Bay, this joint creative and promotional effort will unite our distinct yet like-minded communities of supporters and offer an invitation for those in other locations, particularly cities that do not have their own AIDS Walks, to join with us”, said Kelsey Louie, CEO of GMHC; Brett Andrews, CEO of the San Francisco nonprofit organization PRC; and Craig R. Miller, the founder of both events, in a joint statement.

The fundraising continues to help fund research and support the organizations that serve the community affected by HIV/AIDS. This is a community of people who are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus and the insecurities of housing and food support. With our $5,000 seed grant from DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids, we are nearing our $27,500 goal and and hoping to exceed $30,000 to provide even more help to those with HIV/AIDS.

For as we all know, AIDS is NOT over and we must find a cure.

TOGETHER we can make it happen!


3 DAYS AND $905 TO GO! Come on all. We are nearly at the finish line. Don't just cheer us on...DONATE and help us cross that line. Fundraising ends on Friday, July 31, at 5 p.m.


SIX DAYS AND COUNTING! Donate now! The team is in the home stretch and still needs $1,005 to reach $30,000 in funds raised. Get us to the wire with your donation today.


Did you miss the Live event? No worries, you can watch it here. And don't forget to donate. There's still time. Support our team and get us to the finish line of $30,000.


As a team, we are small but mighty!!


See my personal page (Su Hilty) for the Ribbons I colored. I did the kid's version as the adult one was too intricate, to honor #LarryKramer and #BlackLivesMatter


We are busy coloring in support of HIV/AIDS. Hope you can "join" us virtually on July 19th!


On Sunday July 19, participants of AIDS Walk New York (AWNY) and AIDS Walk San Francisco (AWSF) will join together for a coast-to-coast streaming event with performers Bette Midler and Gloria Estefan.


Su with Kelsey Louie, CEO GHMC at the Star Walker Breakfast prior to the 2019 Walk


I kicked off the campaign with a $100 donation. Now how about you???



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Thanks to members of the GFL/DIFFA/NY NOW team for your hard work and your fighting spirit! Hope this helps you get to the "finish line"!
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