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Jack David Marcus

Jack David Marcus


I hope and trust that this finds you and your entire family safe and enjoying as optimal health and wellbeing as humanly possible.

I am grateful and thank you for visiting my AIDS Walk New York 2022 fundraising page. Please note that your caring donation will be matched 100% by the MAC VIVA GLAM Fund!

I appreciate your interest and generosity in supporting my fund raising efforts for AIDS Walk New York for so many years.

Supporting AIDS Walk New York is very personal to me. Starting in the mid-1980’s through the mid-1990’s, I was a principal with a small company that provided life sustaining home infusion therapy services to mostly young gay men with HIV/AIDS. We provided home total parenteral nutrition (TPN, specialized IV nutrition with an electric pump) for patients who couldn't digest any food by mouth. Additionally, we provided home IV antibiotic therapy to patients who would have otherwise required hospitalization for both these services.

Those many years were shocking and terrifying to me and to all those affected. People with HIV/AIDS often suffered without mercy. I frequently made home and hospital visits to the patients whom we served and I witnessed the horror and savagery of HIV/AIDS. I learned and saw first hand how HIV/AIDS impacted those patients and their lovers, partners, friends, families and communities. I got to know all of our patients and significant others very well and virtually all were extraordinary human beings in what should have been the their prime time of life.

Sometimes I brought my young son Adam with me when I made home visits on weekends. I wanted him to see and understand what some people had to endure and to feel their grace and resilience when they invited us into their homes.

Even though things are much better now for persons with HIV/AIDS with new medications and therapies, people living with HIV/AIDS are especially vulnerable to having higher rates of food and housing insecurity. Many also suffer from health conditions such as diabetes. For these reasons, there are also increased risks of complications from COVID. GMHC serves approximately 10,000 people each year living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Manhattan and the five boroughs of New York City. Over 60 percent of their clients are people of color, nearly 75 percent identify as LGBTQ+, and over 80 percent are people living at or below the Federal Poverty Line. GMHC provides numerous service including advocacy which helps clients with life matters that may not line up specifically with another agency service. GMHC helps clients with enrollment in insurance, individual health plans, Medicaid and essential plans on the New York Health Marketplace. GMHC provides clients with assistance in returning to work to assure access to care, stable housing, and income.

Every year, I feel it is my responsibility to help fundraise for those many thousands of people still being impacted by HIV/AIDS and who are being very ably assisted and benefitting from GMHC’s vital services for under-served people living with HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, I love the spirit of generosity and community of AIDS Walk New York.

Can you please kindly support me by making a donation to AIDS Walk New York 2022?

My website for making donations is ny.aidswalk.net/JackDavidMarcus.

If you elect to donate by check, please write my name and MAC Team 1149 on it to assure it will be matched 100%.

Thank you very much.

With much gratitude, warm regards and abrazos muy grandes.

Jack David

AIDS Walk New York is the world’s largest and most visible HIV/AIDS fundraising event.

It was born in 1986 out of the anguish of gay men in neighborhoods from Greenwich Village to Harlem who were first besieged by the deadly new disease. It was nurtured by the passions of New York’s diverse communities of art, culture, and commerce so ravaged by the early HIV epidemic. It was steeled for the long haul by activists who knew that ending HIV/AIDS would require more than fighting the virus. It would also require confronting the social ills that fuel it – racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty.

That is exactly what AIDS Walk York has been doing for decades. The durability of this event, like that of GMHC itself, is remarkable. Together, we withstood national leaders in the 1980s who ignored the health crisis, or worse. We weathered a severe spring rainstorm in 1992 that chilled and soaked our 20,000 participants to the bone – yet we still walked. Following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, our supporters gathered that next May ‘New York Strong,’ producing a record crowd and sum raised. We survived the Great Recession of 2008 and its severe effects on our many supporters who work on Wall Street; and we maintained focus and fulfilled our mission during these last four years of national turbulence on healthcare policy

When COVID-19 hit New York City hard and fast in March 2020, like HIV had decades before, GMHC showed that responding to a new ‘Health Crisis’ was not only a matter of past heroism, but also of current capability and urgency. In just a few weeks, GMHC revised its services and AIDS Walk New York altered its format so as to reach people where they are and needed to be – AT HOME. GMHC began delivering meals, crisis counseling, and so much more to clients where they live. Concurrently, AIDS Walk New York pivoted into a bi-coastal, star-studded simulcast that was a smashing success!

This year, we will finally return to Central Park for a BIG comeback!


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