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John Weber

Why do I continue to raise money for AWNY?
The COVID pandemic 2020 reminded me what it was like living in the 1980/90s. The fear of the unknown, watching friends die, and the fear of what the new normal would be. If you didn’t live in NYC or know someone who was HIV positive years ago, you are now experiencing a small dose of what it was like back then and the lack of government support. 2020 was hell and so it was almost 40 year ago.

We can NEVER forget those we have lost by remembering them now by making a donation to help those who live in 2021. The need is even greater than the last few years. HIV positivity and AIDS are in the top 5 COVID-19 rick factors. Not everyone is financially safe. Many of the clients of GMHC are people of color who struggle with food insecurity, economic injustice and health care inequity. GMHC helps through its prevention, care, and advocacy programs.
In 2019 alone, 9,546 clients were served in NYC. Because of GMHC new HIV Diagnoses in New York City are in a steady decline.
But there is still work to do until HIV/AIDS receives that same attention that the Corona Virus garnered. HIV/AIDS have been around for 40+ years. Covid-19 received a vaccine within 12 months.

HIV prevention doesn’t have the money or support that it did in the 1980/90s when it was news. Other diseases, with government support and pharmaceutical funding grab our attention. They say that the numbers don’t warrant such attention. I SAY THAT IT DOES!!!

Please remember YOUR friends and contribute, as you can, TODAY.
Thank you and all my love


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