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Welcome to Osvaldo Perdomo's Page

Osvaldo Perdomo

Osvaldo Perdomo

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page to support the work GMHC is doing today! With all it s happening globally, as many, I've been feeling overwhelmed and I didn't think I had the strength to fundraise for AIDS Walk New York 2020.

All changed on Friday, May 22nd when a dear friend shared with me he was about to loose his health insurance in June. My friend is a Long-Term AIDS survivor and he is not working as he normally does, due to the pandemic. Therefore, he's unable to pay for his $1,000 health insurance. As I heard this, I immediately put him in contact with GMHC and in no time, he was on the phone with a staff member working from her home to help my friend to take care of this issue.

GMHC made it possible for my friend to keep his health insurance! They connected him with an agency that could take care of his problem and he is full of gratitude. His tears from relieve made me realize I had to put myself together and help GMHC through AIDS Walk New York to be able to continue offering services to help those dealing with COVID-19 issues on top of living with HIV and AIDS.

Any amount helps. No amount is too small or too large! Thank you very much.

Stay well and healthy!



Today’s funds will offer emergency COVID relief services!


Distance Yourself from Hate campaign. Happy Pride 2020!


GMHC staff delivers food to client’s homes today as GMHC is closed due to the pandemic. GMHC served 108,000 meals last year to HIV-positive men and woman. GMHC continues to provide nutrition services to the clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mary Fisher disclosed living with HIV (1992)


Your support is much appreciated by many! Thank YOU!


raised of $18,000 goal

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1. Jose Faria
2. Garrick Burkhardt
Miss you, hope to visit soon, stay well!
3. Peter Lichtenthal
So happy to support Osvaldo and all that he is doing to support GMHC's great work
4. Neal Burt
Osvaldo, thank you so much for all of your hard work on behalf of GMHC and this year's AIDS Walk.
5. John Fung
Continue to do the great work that you do to support the gay community
6. Ricardo Roman
Good work!

Team GMHC - 1001