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PVH-WERK - 0209

PVH-WERK - 0209

Hi, thanks for visiting our team page!

We’re so excited you’re here because that means you care as much as we do about providing lifesaving services to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

We want to put your dollars and time to WERK.

Many of our PVH WERK BRG members and allies will be walking proudly with our community as part of this year’s AIDS Walk New York.

This event is so important to the overall health of the community because it ensures GMHC and dozens of other AIDS organizations can provide prevention, care and advocacy programs to thousands of individuals and families affected by the disease in the tri-state area.

HIV does not discriminate – and neither do you. Help us raise awareness by walking (or running) with us through Central Park to show your support.

Thank you so much for putting your dollars and time to WERK! You’re not only living out our PVH values, you’re supporting all the lives of those affected by this disease and are helping the fight to end AIDS.


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