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Roberto Vassilarakis

Roberto Vassilarakis

Hi Friends and Fam: Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Rob. Even in the midst of a global pandemic and so much uncertainty, I have much to be grateful for. Despite entering my 28th year of living with HIV, I still have my health. I'm still employed at GMHC & I get to work from home. But how does an HIV Test Counselor work from home? I'm glad you asked! GMHC's Testing Center is currently providing free at home HIV test kits; pre & post test counseling occurs over the phone. We have even identified individuals who have tested Preliminary HIV+ that we have managed to successfully link to medical care. 💪🏽❤

I am also part of the team of GMHC staff who make daily wellness calls to GMHC clients/program participants. Every Monday I receive my list of client names and numbers. I work my way down that list over the course of the week to see how folks are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, & assess how GMHC might be able to support them. Some of our beloved clients are really struggling from isolation & anxiety. Some are sick with coronavirus, fighting to recover. Many are running low on food, but GMHC is doing everything we can to meet our clients needs by way of food and nutrition, mental health/counseling, legal & other needed services.

Friends and Fam: I know these are difficult times for all of us, but I and GMHC need your support now more than ever. PLEASE support me by donating to my AIDS WALK NY fundraising page in benefit of GMHC.


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