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Ethical Explorers - 1519

Ethical Explorers - 1519

So glad you've come to Ethical's fundraising page!
Donations will be accepted through June 10th.
Let's do it again next year!

Please become part of the Ethical Explorers' DEED~~~
there are many roads to take:

1. Become a team member. This simple act grows awareness. It shows we are all part of this. That's the first goal. When you see the signs on the subway or around town, you'll find yourself saying "I'm part of that!"

2. Please make a donation that YOU are comfortable with. The size of the donation is not nearly as important as THE DEED of support you enact here.

3. Please post it on your social media pages. Each of us extends the REACH of care. Through this the network of support grows exponentially.

4. You are also cordially invited to come to Ethical Culture. We have a wonderful event coming up on June 5th at 1:30 for all ages. A book reading "Twas the Night Before Pride." RSVP and come on over!
Please reach out to the organizer at YoungEthicalExplorers@gmail.com

5. High Five! You are part of something that MATTERS! Thank you, from the World. And From Ethical Culture. And from AIDS WALK NYC.

Oberon's gratitude: thank you for helping people get better.

Ada's gratitude! Money that fights germs!


We are standing up for a more fair world of wellness!

We thank you, our sponsors!


Thank you so very much for supporting this fundraiser, dear friends! Ethical Explorers are so pleased to announce we twice-surpassed fundraising expectations... raising $850 by the day after the event!


At Ethical, AIDS WALK NYC is an intergenerational tradition!


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