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Welcome to the Legg Mason AIDS Walk New York team page. Can't believe it has been a year since our last campaign drive. During that twelve months span, fantastic news in the fight against HIV/AIDS has been made public Last month the New York Times reported a milestone in the global search for a cure. A second AIDS patient tested negative for HIV virus - twelve years after the first successful long term remission! Good news? You bet! Is it a cure? Not officially…Officially it is called a "long term remission". As exciting as this news is, don't you wonder how many people have died from HIV/AIDS in those 25+ years from the beginning of the crisis to the first long term remission in 2007 and then the following twelve years, to 2019, until the second? How many children born to people who where children when the crisis began, have been born infected by the virus? More heartbreaking, how many individuals infected, are unable to avail themselves of the medicines they desperately need. These treatments are astronomically expensive, harsh on the body and not currently available to the average person living with HIV. Still, the announcement of a second positive outcome is cause for celebration. A major step in the right direction. A step made possible by your continual support. Support that will turn "long term remission" into a CURE! Help us make it a reality, not in a dozen year, or five years, or even next year. Let’s make it happen this year.

Thanks again for visiting our team page and won't you join the Legg Mason AIDS Walk team on Sunday, May 19th as we make a loud, boisterous noise through the street of New York? Together we are giving HIV/AIDS a knock out punch.



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