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Thomas Medrano

Thomas Medrano

For the past month, GMHC has modified its services to meet the clients’ needs. Since we closed our offices in mid-March, we have been:

• Rolling out GMHC on the Go – a meal delivery service for our most food insecure clients, delivering 8,500+ meals so far as well as hundreds of grocery cards that can be used at area markets

• Moving clients to remote program access including mental health and substance use counseling as well as HIV testing from home with results, referrals and follow up conducted by GMHC staff

• Conducting Wellness Checks for 1,200 of our most at-risk clients

Please consider a donation to help me reach my goal to support these vital services


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1. April Yamamoto
Great job on the event & congratulations, Thom!
2. Deanna Schwam
Words cannot express my appreciation for your kindness, patience, caring, and informative help given to me.My numerous calls for help were handled in a most patient way, including assisting me panicking on how to get into the WALK.Thanks to you for your dedication, the WALK was a complete success. I wish there was a way for me to donate more in your honor.I have walked as a STAR WALKER for over 27 years in memory of my son Todd and those living with HIV.You helped me so in filling the void of not being able to celebrate a mother's loss of her beloved son who died at 28yrs old of this plague.Let's pray for a vaccine for AIDS and COVID 19 virus
3. William Archer
4. Honey
5. Nancy Zaragoza
Good luck tommy
6. Anonymous
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