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Thank you for visiting our team page! Please support us by registering or donating to AIDS Walk New York. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference!


Thank you to everyone who walked on Sunday and thank you for donating to AIDS Walk NY. See you all next year!


For me, the 10km of walking is more than just covering the course - it's my heart. It's solidarity, unity and identity with every soul that's engaged in the HIV response. (Rayola Osanya)

We are 45 members strong! Welcome new walkers & runners.


We were delighted to receive Kelsey Louie, the CEO of GMHC, today at UNFPA. He walked us through the history of the organization and gave us great tips for fundraising: don't be afraid of people saying no and be persistent!


Brown bag with Kelsey Louie, CEO of GMHC.


I first learned about HIV and AIDS in middle school, at the height of the AIDS epidemic when I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. My good friend lost an uncle to AIDS, and I went with her family to San Francisco for my first AIDS walk, at age 13. I have been participating ever since, and I am glad there has been some progress with PrEP and the improved medication that allows people who are HIV positive to reduce their HIV viral load. I look forward to, once again, walking with Team UN Cares on May 19 in Central Park. I hope you will join me! (Elena Como)


Why we walk: I graduated from high school in 1986 in Vancouver, Canada, when the AIDS epidemic had grown but treatment was not yet available. Later when my neighbour - a woman in her 30s, with a young child - died of AIDS-related causes it was a catalyst for me to volunteer in AIDS Service Organizations, where I spoke in high schools, gave out condoms in bars and more. I walk to recognize that anyone can be at risk, to honour those everywhere living with and affected by HIV and to be, for a day, among the activists whose work remains central to our collective goal to end AIDS. (Laurie Newell)


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