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Vince Gatton

Vince Gatton

Well, hello there you handsome/lovely/ravishing creature. Your inner beauty is showing!

Thank you for your generosity and commitment in supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. I firmly believe that one day, together, we'll be done with this disease; until that glorious day comes, we'll keep up the fight!


WOW, y’all! You just blew past my stretch goal with six weeks to go before the Walk! I am so moved, and so grateful. On to $5,000!


Amazing! You’ve helped me hit my $3000 goal, and there are still seven weeks until the Walk! You know what that means — I’m moving the goalposts. $4000, here we come...


raised of $5,000 goal

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1. Michelle Pound
I am all about the even numbers as well brother! In honor of two of my cousin's who have passed from complications of and those who are still fighting it.
2. Linda Cullinan
Vince - All the best this morning and every morning, thank you for everything you give the world. Ivanna
3. Katherine Puma
Go, Bitches, go!
4. Sandra Patyk
Walk On, Vince!
5. Anonymous
6. Michelle Tennant Nicholson
**Choose Love**
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