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Please Sponsor Me for AIDS WALK NY!

Alissa Dien

Alissa Dien

Every year around this time, I send emails out to family and friends asking them to sponsor me for the AIDS Walk. I am frequently asked: "Why?" Here is the reason why:

At Indiana University, where I went to college, the school would frequently show movies at a discounted rate at the Student Union. One week, they showed the Tom Hanks/Denzel Washington movie, "Philadelphia". The ticket to see the show would also allow the moviegoers a chance to see part of the AIDS Quilt which was displayed in another room. The movie made me cry (if you know me, then this should not be a huge surprise). Afterwards I viewed the AIDS Quilt, and was blown away. Who knew that homemade quilts could make as powerful a statement as a movie? I saw Ryan White's quilt (a young boy who contracted the virus through a blood transfusion and then had to fight the school board in court to be allowed back in his school). I saw quilts made in memory of brothers, sisters, parents and friends. The one quilt that moved me the most represented an entire family: a man's shirt, a woman's blouse and a christening dress.

Since returning home after graduating from IU, I made a promise to myself that I would participate in the Walk ever year. Other than the three years I went to law school, I have kept that promise.

I raise money to support this organization because they support those people who are living with HIV/AIDS and still need assistance whether it's legal assistance, emotional support or financial assistance. I walk for those who don't have anyone to walk for them. It's the very least I can do


AIDS does not discriminate. While initially labeled “the gay man’s disease,” more than 80,000 Americans infected through heterosexual sex have died, including an estimated 4,434 in 2009. We can change this by supporting GMHC’s education, prevention, counseling, and legal services! Sponsor me


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