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Deanna Wallach

Deanna Wallach

Greetings Bitchstituants!

2019 marks 15 years of Salt-Bitchery. I am so thankful for, and awe-struck by this little team that could, that can, and that does.

Another salty year of waking up too early, wearing not-enough/too-many layers for whatever the unseasonable weather of late May is, and enthusiastically dragging loose change and checks from the clenched fists of family and friends.

Our fearless leader HRH Marguerite d'Anjou has set us an epic goal this year. As a team in the last 14 years we've raised $207,000 dollars. No corporate sponsors, just a lot of noise from a little team. This year we're out to hit $250,000. Big numbers. But as you know, these are high stakes. I'm counting on those I love, those I like, and those I just met but am prepared to shake down for cash, to help us get there.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and GMHC, in our fight to End AIDS, and Live Life. We literally could not do it without you.

In memory of my Uncle Sam, and all of those who could not be here to walk with us today, we appreciate your generosity more than you know.


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