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Demetri Sparks

Demetri Sparks

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Please support me by making a gift of personal significance here to AIDS Walk New York.

Since COVID-19 necessitated "NY on Pause," here is what GMHC has been able to accomplish so far:

1. “GMHC on the Go” – By Friday, May 29th, this new meal delivery service for our most food insecure clients delivered the equivalent of nearly 35,000 meals (inclusive of grocery cards and door-to-door, ready to eat meals);

2. Wellness Checks – Over the past couple of months, we have made over 5,000 calls to over 1,000 of our most vulnerable clients, and along the way we have provided hundreds referrals for mental health counseling, legal services, advocacy, and food support; and,

3. At-home HIV testing – On demand, our clients are being provided with HIV testing from home with results, referrals and follow up being conducted by supportive GMHC staff

Please give what you can. Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for supporting me in my AIDS Walk New York fundraising campaign!


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