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Welcome to Mozambique Children Solidarity proudly represented by Fraternity Without Borders US

Angelita DePaula

Angelita DePaula


the reality that led us there.

In Mozambican villages, 1 million people suffer from hunger and consume contaminated water. Most of them are orphan children of parents died from HIV and malaria. They work in exchange for a plate of food and they don't go to school.

The people there get to stay up to three days without any meals and they walk miles to get 20 liters of non-potable water. There are areas where it hasn't rained regularly in the last 14 years. In midst of so much need, we are working together to shelter and change this reality.

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1. Jeremy Hu
Thank you for the work you guys are doing, Angelita! With much of love and gratitude, Jeremy
2. Keylla Mitsunobi
3. Good friend of the journey
4. Cibele Nasri-Heir
5. Melissa Deleen
Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) shelter children from the Mozambican villages who lived in extreme poverty, most of them orphans of parents who died from HIV. Our help makes a difference! Thank you FWB & Angelita!
6. Paulo Jose Martins Bispo