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Rey Llena

#GrowingUpGay is never an easy thing. Now add the weight and pressure of the world saying that your lifestyle and sexuality is the cause of disease and millions of deaths around the world. Not a great feeling, right?

That's why I fundREYs for Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS services, care, and advocacy, in order to provide my LGBT brothers and sisters and ALL those living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS with only the best care, to end the stigma, and to finally put a rest to this epidemic once and for all!

GMHC was born 37 years ago as the world’s first response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic during its peak. Although medication has been created to make living with HIV/AIDS now tolerable rather than a death sentence, there is still much work to do. As the disease has evolved over the past 37 years, so have the needs of our clients. 37 years of adverse effects from medications such as AZT are now coming to light, opening up a myriad of associated symptoms such as mental health degeneration, physical degradation, and depression from isolation that often lead to substance use, trauma, and homelessness.

Here at GMHC we provide services to combat it all!
For those who are involved in high-risk behavior, we offer free testing.
For those who are recently diagnosed, we have a hotline to answer any and all questions, a full line of staff to help navigate the difficult world of insurance policies, and a legal team to help advocate on their behalf.
For those who do not have a hot meal to eat, we provide free lunch and dinner service with a menu that is specifically catered to HIV+ clients with ingredients to promote health and well-being, as well as a food pantry to provide non-perishables for folks and their families.
For those who are jobless, we have staff readily available to assist in workforce development.
For those suffering from mental health and substance use problems we opened up New York State-certified mental health and substance use treatment clinics to provide therapy and care, regardless of ability to pay!
And for those who cannot physically get out of their homes, we have a Buddy Program that matches clients with a volunteer to go to their home, bring them to their medical appointments, carry groceries, and assist in any other capacity.

Through all of these life-saving services, GMHC has recently been awarded Gold Prize Winner's of the 2019 Harvard Business School Club Community Partners Leadership Award along with being awarded Gold Prize Winners of the 2017 Nonprofit Excellence Awards! We must be doing something right, right? ;-)

For these reasons I support GMHC. For these reasons I work for GMHC. And for these reasons I am proud to be a part of something larger than life. I hope that you consider donating to my fundraiser, and walking with me on May 19th!

$25 - provides 3 HIV tests so that people know their status
$50 - provides 2 weeks of groceries for a family affected by HIV and AIDS
$100 - allows us to provide 80 safer sex kits to help stop the spread of the virus.
I know how important these services are; I see their impact every single day.

Last year I raised $2,135.46. This year I have set a goal of $3,000. Will you help me reach my goal?

xoxo ReyBayBay


Current Update on the State of HIV/AIDS:

You may have read in recent headlines that there was a long-term remission/potential cure to HIV through a bone-marrow transplant to a patient in London (1 of only 2 reported cures in history). Many may interpret this as great news and the end of the epidemic here, so efforts should be focused elsewhere. On the contrary, I believe NOW is the time to leverage this momentum and rally our force forward.

This patient may be cured, and not to diminish the accomplishment, but what about the other 40 million infected around the world? You can imagine a breakthrough medical advancement and procedure like this can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that unfortunately our clients just cannot afford. With health insurance costs rising, and Federal, State, and City funding plummeting we need all the help we can get to contribute money towards research in making this potential cure accessible to all affected.

We may be close to a cure, but far from ridding the world of the disease.

Please consider donating to my cause! Together we can end HIV/AIDS!

❤ ReyBayBay


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