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#EndStigma - Keep calm and talk about it!

Jesse Pasackow

Jesse Pasackow

Why stopping HIV stigma matters...
1. When people are afraid of experiencing discrimination, they are less likely to be tested or treated for HIV.
2. Treating those living with HIV differently can negatively affect their ability to secure life necessities, like housing, employment and medical care.

Not sure what HIV stigma looks like?
1. Believing that only certain groups of people can get HIV.
2. Refusing casual contact with someone living with HIV.
3. Socially isolating a member of a community because they are HIV positive.

I am participating in AIDS Walk New York 2020 for many reasons. One reason is to help to end stigma. My hope is that by talking about stigma we can help reduce it.


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1. Richard Garnett
To the most tenacious walker we know, may you never confuse your fides quae and fides qua.
2. Satya Jaech
Hi Jesse, I think this is a very worthy cause. I'm glad you're doing fund-raising for the HIV/AIDS walk again!
3. Gary Iott
4. Thomas Medrano
5. Anonymous
Keep up the good work, Jesse! You're an inspiration!
6. Maury Johnson
Keep up the important work, Jesse!!

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