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Jeremy's AIDS Walk 2019

Jeremy Pettet

Jeremy Pettet

I am again joining Team Salesforce in New York's AIDS Walk on May 19, and would so appreciate your donation--large or small--to this cause.

Each year I walk, I remember and honor my Uncle Alan, who died of AIDS-related complications when I was young. What I would give to have him here today, and to have been able to share our journeys as we came out, as the world around us evolved to be more inclusive, and as the voices for equality became louder than he could have ever expected back in the '80s!

But this issue is so much bigger than Uncle Alan or me or New York--and it is my hope that as we inch closer and closer to a cure, you will consider donating to help Gay Mens' Health Crisis (GMHC) in its mission to support those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. By providing access to prevention, care and advocacy programs, GMHC has been a critical part of the effort since its inception in January 1982.

Please take a moment to donate anything you can to help me reach (or beat!) my goal of $2,500.

Then visit the AIDS Memorial Instagram page ( and read the stories of how this disease has affected lives and changed our world, and find inspiration in how love and life go on--because #whatisrememberedlives.

Thank you so much for your support.



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Jeremy, In support of you and also in memory of all the friends I lost in the beginning years!...XoxoX
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