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2021 and Still Going - Please Donate

Seth Slade

Seth Slade

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Please support me by making a donation here to AIDS Walk New York. Special thanks to those who recently gave, and took advantage of the matching funds opportunity that our team was given.

My profile picture here is from me at the AIDS Walk in approximately 1990 - thanks to Howard Rubin who recently dug this up. Yes, I have been doing the AIDS Walk nearly every year since then. Rain, surgeries, a pandemic, a year into a pandemic - I'm still dedicated to this important cause. Thanks to prevention and medication, many people live full and active lives while living with HIV. However, we need to continue to reach out to bring these efforts to underserved communities.

During the pandemic, GMHC continued their vital work, shifting much of it online. They were here for their clients, and I am still here for them.

Please donate what you can so that in the near future, this event won't be needed. I have already blown past my goals, and raised more than I did for last years' event, but any amount you can give will still be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for your generous support in the past, and helping me again this year.

(The background image is our 2019 team photo).


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GO Seth! Great to see you keeping this going.
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You go Seth!
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